Prenatal Care

We do not mass produce and we only have a few planned breedings per year.  Comparison of a commercial bred pup to one of ours is most often weak at best. 
Commercial breeders spend (in many cases) a fraction, or less, on their adult dogs.  Some even let their dames whelp naturally which, for those who know anything about English Bulldogs, is very dangerous to both the mom and the pups.  The standard thought is because the Bulldog Pup’s head is so large that they cannot always pass through the birth canal, but in reality it is far more likely that the mom, due to her brachycephalic (flat face), and other breed specific features, might simply become exhausted and expire during a long labor.
With the above in mind, our breeding females (only after fully mature) go through rounds of progesterone testing to time their being surgically inseminated.  They are then monitored daily until time for delivery only by C-Section.  They receive antibiotics and supplements as appropriate during and after pregnancy.  The whole process costs several thousand dollars just to get a litter on the ground, but it is the safest way to deliver for both the moms and the puppies.  And just like humans, Bulldogs are limited in the number of C-Sections they can have so that limits numbers of litters and that must be factored into price as well.
We love talking about our Bullies so please text or call us any time (479) 926-2301, or send us and email.  If we aren’t readily available, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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