We purchased our first female bulldog puppy after researching for over eight months how to select the best puppy possible. And “Bella” (AKA “Miss Wiggles”) changed our world!

As her name implied, Bella was the most beautiful girl in the room no matter where we took her. Everyone wanted to pet Bella and she was more than happy to oblige as she wagged her whole body — hence the nickname.

We did have a bit of a challenge with Bella early on. She has never been aggressive, but even as a puppy at 12 weeks old due to her superior build, Bella was a bit intimidating. With her classic bulldog features and outgoing personality, Bella didn’t understand why other dogs (those of friends and family) would climb out of reach, or hide, when Bella wanted to play. So since we were so pleased with Bella, we decided to get her a playmate – and then came Kate!

Just like Bella, Kate was full of personality. And Kate was blessed with the most beautiful red-brindle coat with white markings and a black mask.  We couldn’t have been more pleased.  

As our bulldog family continued to grow, we had very positive experiences with the breeders through which we acquired our bullies and we are committed to provide those who adopt our bullies that same sort of professional and accommodating experience.   

We’ve learned a lot about English Bulldogs over the last several years and we are more than happy to share our knowledge and passion about the English Bulldog Breed so please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.  Our goal is to produce bulldogs with great health, great temperament, superior breathing, solid hips, sound knees, big round eyes, builds like tanks, lots of wrinkles, shiny coats and healthy skin.  

Thanks for checking out our bullies, and please feel free to bookmark our site then check back with us often.  We are pretty selective and don’t mass produce puppies so you wouldn’t want to miss out on when a new litter might be planned.


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