Bella aka Miss Wiggles

WEIGHT:  41.7 lbs
REG:  NP28826801
LINES:  Cherokee Legend, Pat-A-Bull, Omega, Empires, Tsar, Little Ponds, Sam

AKC Name: Sumo's Belle of the Ball


Photo Album
Bella’s pedigree starts with her sire AKC CH Pat-A-Bulls Tony the Tiger. Tony is sired by the one and only three-time Westminster winner AKC Grand Champion Cherokee Legend Rock.  Not only has Bella directly descended from one of the most famous AKC champion bulldogs in the history of the U.S., but her father Tony is also an AKC champion.  And Bella, as you can see from the following pedigree, comes from many generations of champions and the best lines in the United States!
  CH Pat-A-Bull's Tony the Tiger
NP13131102 (01-08)FN BRDL & WH WH MKGS
AKC DNA #V527628
CH Cherokee Legend Rock
NP08424501 (02-06) RD BRDL & WH
AKC DNA #V381343
CH Cerokee Legend Crazy Horse
NM82947301 (09-01) OFEL29 WH BRDL MKGS
AKC DNA #V157750
CH Empires Cleopatra
NM88678001 (05-03) RD BRDL
CH Pat-A-Bull's Fergie's Rose
NM88838804 (12-03) FN & WH
CH Tsar's Peter the Great
NM59286201 (05-96) FN & WH PBLD
AKC DNA #V43909
Pat-A-Bull Sacha Shepardhill
NM76408604 (03-01) FN & WH
Royals Cocos TTChannel
NP10880003 (10-10) WH
CH Omega's Cruz'n for a Bruz'n
NP02365301 (09-05) RD BRDL WH MKGS
AKC DNA #V369753
CH Little Ponds Chief
NM58792905 (07-06) OFA60F RD & WH PBLD
AKC DNA #V22083
CH Omega's Roxie Baby
NM81165806 (10-02) RD BRDL & WH WH MKGS
Princess Frida
NP05381202 (01-06) RD BRDL & WH
CH Sam's Zeus
NM91065505 (11-02) RD BRDL & WH
AKC DNA #V247816
Sam's Little Princessa
NM89879801 (12-03) RD BRDL & WH


Kate aka KatyBug

WEIGHT:  41.3 lbs
REG:  NP29645804
LINES:  Lemonvom, Erisbull, Golucan, Mervander, San Simon Bulls, Mystyle

AKC Name: Sumo's Kiss Me Kate

Photo Album
Kate’s pedigree starts with her sire CH Lemonvom Ahora Y Siempre nicknamed, “Robbie”.  Robbie’s sire is none other than the legendary CH Golucan Cole Belthazor.  Cole resides at the Lemonvom show kennel in Hungary.  Robbie was the Israeli Club winner 2011 and the Tel Aviv JWW 2010.  He was a Junior Champion as well as an Adult Champion.  Kate is a direct descendant from many of the best lines in Europe.  The AKC Pedigree that follows does not list European champion designations, but with a little research you will learn that Kate's champion lineage is just as impressive as Bella's -- if not more so!
  Lemonvom Ahora Y Siempre
NP29414401 (12-11) RD & WH (HUN)
Golucan Cole-Belthazor
Luvipride Underpressure
LOE 1332969

Alice-Baby De Golucan
LOE 1290852
J'Braverheart Queen
Mervander Prof Higgins
KUSA BU015076
Anastasia San Simon Bulls
KCP 20920/03
Carissima Lea Erisbull
NP27293301 (10-11) BRDL & WH (UKR)
AKC DNA #V631698
Mr. Fantastic Beneton
TUKU 010207/07
Mystyle Monsoon Ocobo
KCR AE04905802 (UKG)
Mervander French Beauty
KUSA BS002360
Vintsenta Eris
TUKU 002899/04
Tsitseron Ot Tsefeia
TUKU 004479/99
TUKU 001828/03

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